Web Developer, Artist and Musician

Constantly compelled to create with code.

I am a front end web-developer working in Javascript, Clojure(script), and Solidity.

I like to do work in ...ReactWeb3SolidityRe-frame

Here isMy GithubandMy Gitlab

Digital Artist &
Abstract Calligrapher.

Motivated by the clean precision of Blackletter, I began my journey into calligraphy. Armed with a pilot parallel pen and a sheaf of resume paper, I got to practicing. I quickly found I could sink countless hours into this practice, and found endless inspiration from artists on instagram.

This year I started bridging my pen and paper work into Blender. I'm currently challenging myself to #100DaysOfBlender to really bring my skills to a new level. Many of my works can be purchased as one-of-a-kind high-res files on rarible.

Mandala meditations for sale on Rarible.

I create unique electronic music

I write music on synthesizers and computers. I write music in Renoise. All of my music is currently available for free on Soundcloud.