Max Jackson

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I am a life-long developer driven to help build an equitable future on public evm infrastructure.


  • 7 years of professional experience in front-end js and web3.
  • Skilled in React and Next.js
  • Strong background in Web3 development
  • Living in Boston, willing to work in-office or remote, and open to relocation.

Technical Skills

  • Languages: JS/TS + HTML/CSS, Clojure/Cljs
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Next.js, ethers, graphprotocol, openai, langchain
  • Tools: vim, git, vercel, Figma
  • Concepts: Responsive Web Design, Accessibility, FRP

Professional Experience

Charged Particles, remote

Web3 developer, PM

July 2021 - February 2023
  • refactored codebase state management and UI to reduce bugs, server-cost and eliminate re-renders.
  • updated and maintained subgraph for allowlisted nft contracts
  • PM for the site-rebuild coordinated via Notion and Discord.


October 2020 - present
  • fluency with NFT contracts in Solidity
  • experience in codeart with canvas, p5.js, three.js and webaudio
  • Skilled with Blender3d and raster/vector tools

Web Developer, freelance

April 2015 - 2019

  • Built web-apps in JS/React as well as Clojurescript
  • Created web3 frontends and contracts for DeFi apps.
  • Prototyped UI/UX for a marketplace
  • Contracts for Ronoco, SeeSaw Labs, MoviToken & MartMatch

Boston Globe, Boston

Front end web developer, Production team

2013 - 2015
  • Built out pages, blog templates and plugins for and
  • Participated in the rebuild of both sites

Rogue Pedicab DBA, Boston

April 2016 - Present
  • years of experience in entertainment and sales
  • First independent pedicab in Boston
  • Sweet calves

Seasonal Bike Mechanic

  • Spring-Summer 2020Crimson Bikes in Cambridge MA
  • Spring-Summer 2019Somervelo in Somerville MA


Art Institute of New England

Fall 2003 - Spring 2007
  • Major: BS in Interactive Media Design
  • Built an 3-level isometric adventure-puzzle in flash
  • Final project: An interactive live performance, using flash visuals, supercollider audio, and arduino for interactivity.


  • generative art and music
  • onchain-rendering of NFT art